Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Anne with Chrissa

Emma with Gwen

Lilac with Kanani

Jeneca with Kanani

Willow with Melissa

Jessie with Taylor

Mackenzie with Lanie

Special mentions (I'm only doing 2... not enough people for three): 
Jessie with Taylor - What can I say... This is ADORABLE!

Lilac with Kanani - So well done and creative!

Chloe (Gracie) didn't get her picture in, so she is eliminated, I'm sorry.

I'll post the next theme as soon as I think of it.

~ Amerigirl ~


  1. Cute blog,great idea! Also I love the pictures!! If you get a chance PLEASE visit my blog Thanks!!:)

  2. When are you going to put the new theme up, Amerigirl?