Thursday, June 16, 2011

Next Round We're Going to be on Top of Things!!

But, this round I'm going to be lenient. For the last time! I have been having trouble getting my laptop to cooperate with me so I wasn't able to get on and give the reminders that I like to.

I will be accepting photos from anyone who hasn't turned their in today and tomorrow. If you don't get it turned in by Friday you will be eliminated.

As far as the pictures I do have, if you were rushed and would like to give this round another go, feel free to do so. I [obviously] know that we are all really busy right now with school ending and vacations beginning. I really do like all of the pictures so far, but if you think that you can do better, be my guest :)

I'll get back with you Saturday morning with the results of the round and the next topic as I will be leaving Sunday for a rather last minute week-long trip to the beach with my friend :)


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  1. We will be gone for the same amount of time! I am going to my friend, Maddie's house on Sunday! :) I will be coming back next Saturday! I can't wait!