Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finally Round 5's Pics

I'm so sorry that I'm so late, girls! I feel horrible :(

You all did so well this round! Here's the pictures:


Karalee's: (sorry it's so small, click to enlarge)


Great job, Karalee, Iona and Sonja!

Since there's just three pics, I won't be doing honorable mentions this time. Hope that's okay with you! Instead, I'll just say what I like about each one!

Iona's - I love how detailed it is! It's not just ONE favorite thing, it's lots of different things. Great job!

Karalee's - What a cute idea! All the dolls look so gorgeous!

Sonja's - So cute! It's well edited and I love the old-fashioned look to it.

I have to disqualify Livvy for not getting her picture in :( You did such a great job in this contest, Livvy! Congrats on making it so far!

Also - Jasmine emailed me last week saying that although she had the set-up for her picture all ready, the cord that she needed to upload her picture to her computer was lost, so she couldn't send her pic quite yet but that she could soon. I emailed back saying that I would give her some extra time since it wasn't her fault that she couldn't send the picture in. But she never sent in her pic after that, so I'm not sure what happened quite yet. I'll contact her about it and fill you in.

I'll give the theme for next round soon!

Have a great day!

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