Friday, July 9, 2010

Round 2 gallery & results!

agfan1400 with Michelle
Quinlyn with Leah

Libby with Nicki
Hannie with Katyanna

Shelby with Ruthie

Britts with AmyJayne

Iona with Julie
Anne with Charlotte

Karalee with Rebecca

Jasmine with Emily

Thanks for all the great pictures everyone! I'll give out the Honorable mentions for this round:
3rd: Hannie & Katyanna! Her picture was so neat and tidy, and cute besides!
2nd: Karalee & Rebecca! Their picture had great detail and quality.
1st: Quinlyn & Leah!! Their entry was so original! It's of Leah planting a Victory Garden after reading "Meet Molly." I really liked it because of just being Red, White, and Blue, they did something different but still stuck with the theme. Congrats to everyone!

Leanna and Joelle have been eliminated because of either dropping out or not getting their pictures in. :( I'm really sorry!!

Round 4's theme is...


;) This requires a great amount of creativity. It's just one word and no more! Use your imaginations and turn in an amazing picture by Saturday, August 7th. Also, a reminder that Round 3 pictures are due by the 30th, so if you put off doing Round 4, you'll run out of time to be truly creative.
Thanks everyone, and comment (or email) if you have any questions at all!! :)


  1. WOW! Everyone's pictures are so cute!
    Hmmm, I'm a little confused about the round Hello.

  2. Brilliant! Hello will be tricky but I'll give it my best.

  3. Here is my pic! For round 3! It' for a book called 11 Birthdays and each picture (except the main) represents a day.

  4. Here is my picture for "favorite book, round 3!"
    Charlotte's favorite book is Pride and Prejudice. In this scene, Charlotte is Jane Bennet and Rebecca is Elizabeth Bennet. Charlotte (Jane) is holding a letter from Mr. Bingley. Elizabeth is holding a flower. They are walking through the fields outside their manor.
    I hope you like it!


  5. Here's mine. PLEASE read the caption