Friday, June 18, 2010

Round 1&2 Info

I didn't know we were supposed to post all the info here, so I've copied this from the MB.

For this week, the theme is......

Some things I want to see for this round----
Display your doll's personality! Hopefully you know it really well so you're able to do that. Be sure to include lots of summery accessories in your doll's outfit, and as usual, I want CLEAR photos. Like I said before editing is encouraged!
I need these in by the 25th of June. PLEASE don't make me eliminate you because you don't get your picture in early enough!!

The subject for round 2 is....

Because this is over the 4th of July, Red, white and blue are the subjects. I'm giving 2 weeks for this round because I'm on vacation over the 4th weekend, so please get them in July 9th or sooner.

Hurry and get working! I'll be posting all of the entries that are not eliminated on this blog as soon as I have judged each round. This Season's entries are:

1. Joelle/Cameron
2. Quinlyn/Leah
3. Jasmine/Emily
4. Karalee/Rebecca
5. Iona/Julie
6. Anne/Charlotte
7. Leanna/Kristy
8. agfan1400/Michele
9. Libby/Nicki
10. Hannah/Lanie
11. American girl fan-LIV with JLY 28
12. Shelby/ Lanie
13 Olivia/Gwen
14. BrittanyAmelia/AmyJayne
15. Hannie/Katyanna

Good luck everyone! :) If I missed you and you signed up before the 18th, tell me! :D
If you need to contact me for any reason, email me at Thanks!


  1. Hannie from the MB signed up before the 18th. At least she ment to...She said she did.

  2. Yes I did! I wonder why I'm not on that list! Thanks Quinny :)

  3. Hmmmmm.......that may be tricky.

  4. Hi! For Patriotic could I do Aussie? I don't have much USA stuff? I mean, I could do USA, but it would be hard.

  5. OOh I have some good ideas!

  6. Sorry about that, Hannie! I fixed it! Britts, that's just fine! :)

  7. Cool!! i already took my picture for the first round. but, do we post the pictures here or on the message board? (by the way, this is agfan1400 from the american girl fans message board!)

    This is my photo!

  9. ALl you have to do to see my photo is copy and paste it into teh address box ;)

    Can my cousin enter this contest too? Since it JUST started? She is becoming a member of the MB today...and she really wants to enter..Her name is Alexis and her doll is Samantha. She will email you a link to her picture is that okay? :)
    Hope it works out!

  10. I completely HATE commenting, again...i feel so bad.
    1. My summer hobby for my pic above is Sleepovers!
    2.My other cousin wants to enter also...i know its a long shot especially because she only has an Our Generation doll...Well if it works for her too, heres the info
    Shes gonna email you the pics with the agc email. Her name is Madison and her doll is Jenny. DONT FEEL BAD IF YOU HAVE TO SAY NO ;)

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  12. Sonja, is it okay if i post the picture on the message board? i cant figure out how to post it on here!!

  13. That is fine! Otherwise you can PM it to me.
    Iona, Sorry, but I'm not going to let anyone enter late. It's just less confusing that way.

  14. Summer means beautiful flowers!


  16. Here is mine!

    Charlotte likes to read her American Girl magazine on a sunny day in the summer!

  17. (with her American Girl doll) :)


    Here is mine!

  19. Here's mine for patriotic!